Men’s Wearhouse campaign uses Facebook to gather customer insights

The Men’s Wearhouse launched its national campaign “Suit Yourself,” incorporating a revamped website, social media engagement and national TV spots, with the aim of gauging the perception of men and women about modern fashion styles, said Joseph Nolan, the company’s director of new media.

“We know we can learn a great deal from existing style conversations plus those we initiate,” Nolan said. “Our plan is to incorporate conversation insights across our organization into future campaigns and product development.”

The updated site was designed to showcase the company’s modernized re-branding by featuring style advice, live chat and social media buttons to encourage sharing. Additionally, viewers of the national ad spots, which will debut on the channels hosting the NBA playoffs, will be directed to a portal within the main site that includes videos and an invitation to engage with the company — and other Men’s Wearhouse fans — on Facebook.

The Men’s Wearhouse will further expand its online presence via Facebook, where customers are encouraged to upload photos and videos, after which they will be prompted to return to see if their wardrobe made it onto a weekly-updated 30-second video. Customers that made the cut will receive a 40% discount on items purchased either in-store or on the e-commerce website.

Prior social media endeavors, Nolan said, included a “Well-Dressed Man Photo Contest” and the continuing “Prom Rep Challenge” campaign. “These campaigns demonstrate how a major brand can leverage social in unique ways to effectively influence different audiences: teens and 21-to-45-year-old men,” Nolan said. “’Prom Rep Challenge,’ in particular, is a fully-integrated campaign that tethers the offline experience in our stores to social media via our interactive leaderboard on Facebook plus activity on video sites and Twitter.”

The “Suit Yourself” campaign was concepted and developed internally at the Men’s Wearhouse, Nolan said.

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