‘Menopause’ Revamps Magazine

“Menopause the Musical” relaunches a magazine this fall to celebrate the woman baby boomer’s second period of life.

The bimonthly publication, called “me*” for “my entertainment, my empowerment,” debuts in September and targets women 40 and older.

“There are few publications that acknowledge the incredible energy, intelligence and spirit of women 40 and older,” editor Marianne Gray said from her Orlando, FL, office. “Like our show before it, the magazine brings to the forefront issues that affect nearly 40 million baby boomer women throughout the United States alone.”

Me* replaces W4W Voices, which was first released in June 2005. The redesign features a larger format and expanded editorial content geared toward the body and spirit.

In addition to subscriptions, the magazine will be distributed for free at all Menopause the Musical shows and to women’s health centers and other outlets. The rate base will exceed 300,000, but the magazine will not be on newsstands.

“Due to the positive feedback and a growing list of subscribers, we are increasing the size and scope of the magazine this September in order to offer more to our readers,” Ms. Gray said.

A yearly subscription of six issues costs $12.95. But me* has extended a $10 subscription renewal rate for current subscribers of W4W Voices. This rate also is offered for gift subscriptions.

The most recent issue was sent with a cover letter to 2,000 mammogram/health centers announcing the new look. Also, special offers were posted on the National Association of Baby Boomer Women and Boomer Women Speak Web sites.

An offer also was inserted into Menopause the Musical CDs, and an e-mail blast is going to nearly 90,000 recipients on the Menopause the Musical patron e-mail list.

“Marketing began with the launch press release on July 7, and two more releases are scheduled for August and October,” Ms. Gray said. “Business publications and national newspapers will be targeted quarterly throughout the first year.”

Content includes regular sections such as finance, health, travel and an ongoing art show. Excerpts from articles will be available at the magazine’s Web site at www.memagazine4u.com. The site includes an editorial calendar, subscriber information, a media kit and an overview of the magazine.

A full-page four-color ad costs $6,228. Ms. Gray declined to cite a competing publication, though others targeting baby boomer women are More, Real Simple and O.

“The magazine’s immediate goal is to grow its advertisers, expand its online magazine offerings, expand the subscriber base and explore additional strategies for distribution through corporate discounts and boomer-women-centered companies,” Ms. Gray said.

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