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Men and Women Shop Differently Online, Study Says

A new study released yesterday by Ernst & Young, New York, found that men and women, aside from a few sites in common, have different tastes when shopping online.

The study found that men predominantly frequent electronics, entertainment and home office sites, while women tend to shop at health, beauty and apparel sites.

The top three sites for both men and women were Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com and CDnow.com, but from there, the lists diverged.

Men’s favorite sites included Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, CDnow.com, Egghead.com, Office Max, Best Buy, Office Depot, Etoys.com and Reel.com.

Whereas, women’s favorite sites included Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, CDnow.com, Etoys.com, Drugstore.com, JCPenney, Buy.com, Disney, PlanetRX.com and BlueMountainArts.com.

When the 1,200 Internet users were asked about their favorite online categories, different interests were found.

Men’s favorite online categories were computers, CDs, books, small consumer electronics, videos, air travel, magazines, men’s clothing, toys, hotel reservations, women’s clothing, health and beauty and sporting goods.

Women’s favorite online categories were books, CDs, computers, health and beauty, toys, women’s clothing, children’s clothing, videos, magazines, small consumer electronics, air travel, flowers and men’s clothing.

Even though the study found differences between men and women buyers, it found more people are shopping online.

“While men and women may differ in their online shopping preferences, the good news is that more consumers are flocking to the Internet than ever before,” said Stephanie Shern, Global Director of Retail & Consumer Products for Ernst & Young. “What retailers can learn from these results, however, is how to adjust and focus their merchandising and marketing effort according to their audience.”

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