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Melissa Goes to Canada

Melissa Data today announced it had added Canadian addresses to its SmartMover National Change of Address service. It is part of the first wave of contact data companies to have been granted a license for NCOA processing by Canada Post under new mail laws requiring in-country processing.

SmartMover now can match data against more than 10 million change of address records filed by Canadian households and businesses in the last 72 months. “Privacy issues are paramount in Canada. They license the database and the licensing practice,” says Melissa VP Marketing Greg Brown. “As part of the licensing requirements, they want to know that we have a facility in Canada and how we’re going to process, keep, and destroy data.”

More than 40 million individuals move annually in the U.S., presenting an ongoing challenge to marketers to update their lists. Cloud-based solutions such as Melissa’s allow list managers to update customer data automatically and in real time, as opposed to periodically sending entire lists to mail houses to be updated. Now that solution extends north of the border.

“Melissa Data is one of only 13 vendors licensed by Canada Post to provide Canadian NCOA so mailers can stay in contact with customers in both Canada and the U.S.,” says Chris Rowe, the company’s VP of Data Enhancement Services.

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