Melissa Data Releases ListWare 4.0

Data services provider Melissa Data, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, is expected to announce today the release of ListWare 4.0, software for submitting postal files to Melissa Data for U.S. Postal Service National Change of Address matching. The announcement is being made at the Direct Marketing Association's 85th Annual Conference & Exhibition.

The NCOA process matches a company's mailing list against a database of address changes submitted to the USPS. ListWare lets a company extract from a database only the fields that are relevant for comparison against the postal service's NCOA database. ListWare formats the appropriate fields in the company's list, then compresses and encrypts the file for secure online submission to Melissa Data for address updating.

The newest version includes Address Check Plus, Duplicate Check and Area Code Update service options.

ListWare also may be used to process files for other data enhancements such as multi-source change of address, address and phone append, SIC append and DSF.

Melissa Data offers ListWare as a free download.

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