Mega-Systems Stiffs Corinthian

Mega-Sytems, a DRTV marketer based in Niles, IL, closed its office in September. The circumstances leading to the closure are still uncertain. Jeffrey Salberg, the owner of the company who lives in Schererville, IN, did not respond to reporter questions. He requested that questions be left on his voice mail, but they remain unanswered. Several follow-up phone calls to his residence and former place of business were not returned.

Mega-System's media agency, Corinthian Media Buying Inc., New York, is owed back payments on unpaid commissions. The agency is planning to file a claim against Salberg to recoup its losses. Mega-Systems was a Corinthian client for nine months.

“We are owed hundreds of thousands of dollars,” said Larry Miller of Corinthian. “The money was personally guaranteed by Jeff.”

As of press time, no bankruptcy claim had been filed in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Chicago, nor had Salberg filed a claim for personal bankruptcy in Indiana.

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