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Meet the 40Under40 Honorees! Seth Besmertnik, Conductor, a WeWork Company

Seth Besmertnik, CEO & Founder at Conductor, a WeWork Company says:


I would be a professional baseball player. I love baseball and I still make time for it right now in my life. I love the feeling of being part of a team, but I also love that the sport requires very specific individual contributions and skills. The mental challenge is also a huge part of the draw: if you’re trying to find a way to hit a 90 mile an hour ball– that’s only possible if you get your brain working right. The biggest lesson I’ve learned from baseball in life is that I need to believe in myself and trust in the universe that I’ll find success, because if I think too much about everybody else and what they’re thinking or expecting or talking about, that’s when I’ll make a mistake. And in baseball, you have an almost infinite capacity to improve and get immediate feedback on how you’re doing: you can spend your whole life trying to work your way up to the perfect swing. While playing baseball would be fun, Conductor is exactly what I want to do be doing and what I’m meant to be doing. 


The event will take place on September 19! You can still purchase tickets here


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