Meet the 40Under40 Honorees! Amanda Hellman, FF New York

Amanda Hellman, Managing Director at FF New York says:

I’d be a social worker. I went into school with the intention of studying advertising, but with a clear, lingering desire to explore psychology, a profession I’d watched my mother excel at my entire life. It is a profession that I feel has meaning, value and the ability to observe and reflect on cultural trends and tensions, with a focus on making people more resilient. Admittedly, the traditions of academia were not my strong suit: multiple choice answers, endless memorization… If the coursework to get your foot into psychology had been more dynamic, like the communications curriculum, I may have found my natural place in the profession.

For the time being, I still have a profound desire to find purpose in my job, support those around me, and I use my energy reserved for these desires in my life to support those around me to the best of my ability. On the contrary, if I had the opportunity to do anything in my wildest dreams, at this very moment in time, I would open an animal rescue and a brick and mortar home goods store – with a large portion of the home goods store proceeds going back to, you guessed it, the animal shelter. My dream would be for the store to be a bedrock of the community, hosting local events and fundraisers whenever possible.

The event will take place on September 19! You can still purchase tickets here 

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