Meet the 2019 Honorees! Mary Ellen Dugan CMO, WP Engine

Mary Ellen is the CMO at WP Engine

What is the greatest challenge you have overcome?

Convincing others that brand equals business. Nowadays, even individuals are creating brands. While the value of a well-articulated brand may seem like a no-brainer to some, others, especially on the business side, may still need to be persuaded.

What are the main advantages and disadvantages of being a woman in the workplace?

Regardless of gender, nobody wants to feel like they have an advantage or a disadvantage in the workplace. If I can say I’ve done my homework, I’m prepared, I will be successful, then I feel like I have an advantage.  

What do you think women in the workplace have today that they didn’t have before?

More mentors, more role models, more acknowledgment that being a working mom poses specific challenges. There’s more sensitivity to all of those things today, there are more women in leadership roles, and there’s a stronger woman executive network and support infrastructure, which hasn’t always been there.

What do you think the next generation of women marketers will have that the present one does not?

As data has become the lifeblood of marketing, the next generation will be better poised to understand that it’s not just about data but about the insights that can be derived from that data. They will be more conversant in data, and data analytic tools, but the real opportunity will come from the actionable insights they will be able to create. 

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