Medical Supplier Picks Cenveo

Cenveo, a commercial print services provider, has a three-year deal to provide print-on-demand services for Smith & Nephew Orthopaedics, a medical supplier of joint replacements for knees, hips and shoulders, the companies said this week.

Cenveo, Englewood, CO, will serve Smith & Nephew from its plant in Nashville, TN. The print-on-demand system, driven by an automated online ordering system, is expected to cut Smith & Nephew's cost of producing sales literature by 40 percent.

Smith & Nephew will be able to personalize print communications and end the practice of overstocking print materials, Cenveo said. Smith & Nephew's sales force will be able to use a custom-created Web portal to choose and order sales literature as needed and have it shipped same-day to a location of their choosing.

When completed, the system will let Smith & Nephew's sales force of 400 representatives issue orders for 600 print items. The project is being conducted jointly by Cenveo and its IT services partner, Varick Group.

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