MediaWhiz teams with Payoneer for international payments

Online advertising company MediaWhiz has entered into a partnership with payment service Payoneer to create a new branded payment option for its Web publishers and bloggers.


Publishers that use MediaWhiz’s link marketing product, Text Links Ads, and its blog product-review network, ReviewMe, can now choose to receive payments to prepaid MasterCard cards instead of standard paper check or PayPal options. The cards are certified through Payoneer Inc., an approved Member Service Provider of First Bank of Delaware.


“MediaWhiz has bloggers and publishers that are outside of the US, who sometimes have issues getting paid through checks,” said Talia Mendelson, VP of sales at Payoneer. “The point of introducing the card is to make it easier and cheaper to pay than through PayPal, especially for publishers overseas.”


The cards can be used worldwide at any store, ATM or online location where Debit MasterCards are accepted. Additionally, cardholders can spend and/or withdraw funds in their own currency without the need for a bank account.


These cards come with the MediaWhiz logo, which works as a branding channel reminding users about their relationship with the online advertising firm.

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