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MediaNest simplifies video distribution and marketing


MediaNest is a video marketing platform. Features include the ability to distribute video content to US and international websites and social networks and SEO tools such as video tag optimization with automated video title suggestions based on searcher data.

Users can also customize video titles, descriptions, messaging, thumbnails, and tags across multiple channels with one click. Analytics include breakdowns of metrics for domestic views, international views, single site views, views across all platforms, and social share data. 

Monthly plans don’t require a contract and range from $49 to $249. 

Tom Masiero, director of digital growth for FormulaDRIFT, has been using MediaNest for about eight months.

How do you use it?
It’s a simple hub for our video distribution. It gives me a central place to distribute all videos quickly and in a way that has metadata for different distribution channels.

Normally, at the end of a racing event weekend, I have a hard drive of all video clips and promotional videos. I upload those to my MediaNest dashboard.

Distribution is automatic. When I first started using the platform, I set up which networks I want to share videos on in my account preferences. FormulaDRIFT has contractual agreements with YouTube and Daily Motion, so those are the two primary distribution channels we use.

I don’t use MediaNest’s metrics as much as other customers probably do because we get partner reports from YouTube and Daily Motion.

MediaNest was very new when I started using it. If I had any sort of problem I would email one of the founders directly. In the beginning, I sometimes had trouble when I tried to upload really big video files. I think my MediaNest contact could tell because he would often email me before I emailed him. I haven’t had any issues with the platform since. 

Customer service is the number one reason we’re with MediaNest – it has the best customer service I’ve encountered with this type of partner. 

How does it serve your business needs?
MediaNest frees up a lot of my time. Uploading and distributing videos used to take hours. I can do it in one-tenth of the time now, which means I can spend more time working on partnerships and new projects and creating and distributing more content.

There is a lot of demand for our racing content. That allows us to make more money, so it’s vital to get the freshest content uploaded as fast as we can before other outlets. MediaNest is a key cog that helps us be more efficient as we continue to grow.

Our videos and webcasts are also primary drivers of event attendance growth. Our events occur all over the country, and they’re usually about a month apart. Sharing of video content in between events helps drive up attendance.

About 10% of our total marketing budget goes to what would be considered traditional advertising at events. Everything else goes to digital efforts and trying to get as many views and content shares as we can.

This past year we entered a partnership with Daily Motion. As part of that agreement, we are obligated to deliver enough content to get about five million views. We ended up getting seven million views, which would not have been possible without MediaNest. 

What are the main benefits?
Ease of use and great customer service.

It saves an enormous amount of time.

MediaNest is really cognizant of customer needs. For example, last fall it changed the user experience to dramatically increase the ability to upload multiple videos faster.

What would you like to see improved / added?
I would like a batch or bulk upload feature. It’s a hard problem to crack, and I believe MediaNest is addressing it now.

: An enterprise software platform for digital video advertising and branding. Features include the ability execute campaigns in about 60 countries; integration with premium publishers and data management platforms; a range of quantitative metrics; a brand survey module that measures changes in brand awareness, favorability, and purchase intent; and more.

VidIQ: Provides a suite of developing and managing YouTube content and audience engagement. They include tools to identify and connect with top YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter influencers; tools for optimizing search terms, video descriptions, and upload times; and workflow collaboration tools.

Additional features include the ability to manage multiple YouTube channels, bulk edit descriptions, moderate content, syndicate content on Facebook fan pages, and identify opportunities to create content based on keywords commonly used in searches.

Analytics include viewer and engagement metrics for YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook; sentiment analysis; and more.

This article originally ran on PRWeek

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