MediaMath Launches 2nd-Party Data Business

MediaMath today unveiled Helix, a new business unit leveraging proprietary online shopping data collected by its Adroit Shopper co-op. It promises real-time transactional data from one third of the top 100 retailers in the United States.

“Even after shifting significant budget, and making investments in and around programmatic strategies, advertisers still struggle with the limited scale of their own customer data and unreliability of third-party data. Helix pools high-quality data that…helps drive business outcomes,” said Helix President Jacob Ross in a press release.

Ross and his Helix team have been operating a beta test with selected brands and agencies over the past six months. Rachel Silva, AVP of marketing at Pep Boys, was one that found added value in Helix’s second-party data connection. “We have a lot of data about our own customers, but that data is limited in scale. Being a member of Helix enables us to tap into a much wider pool of shoppers, many of whom are perfect customers for our brand,” she said.

Helix integrates with MediaMath’s TerminalOne OS programmatic buying platform.

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