Media network Reactrix strengthens foothold in U.S. malls

Interactive display ad network Reactrix Systems Inc. recently announced long-term, exclusive partnerships with real estate investment trusts General Growth Properties Inc., The Mills Corp. and CBL & Associates Properties Inc.

Partnership with these firms extends the ad network’s coverage to encompass shopping centers in the top 20 designated marketing areas as well as additional U.S. markets. This is part of the company’s strategic plan to become the only medium to aggregate the shopping center space. Advertisers including AOL, Coca-Cola, Disney Home Video, Hilton Hotels, Jeep, Sprint, Kraft and Visa can make one ad buy across these markets.

“Through the exclusive partnerships with these real estate investment trusts (REITS), Reactrix can expand into additional shopping centers owned by these REITS,” said Kimber Sterling, vice president of business development at Reactrix, Redwood City, CA. “This will allow Reactrix to expand the network’s footprint and reach more consumer traffic.”

The Reactrix Media Network already has interactive displays in more than 120 shopping centers that account for the majority of the company’s 160 current locations. The interactive display ads project branded content on the surfaces of shopping centers, movie theaters and other venues that is responsive to consumers’ movements.

The company currently measures monthly consumer traffic of more than 136 million consumers. Pilot programs, or precursors to adding more long-term deals, are already in place with several other shopping center REITs, according to Mr. Sterling.

“As an out of home advertising vehicle, Reactrix is often considered in the same category as billboards, posters, plasma screens and , due to the large reach we deliver, other media like the Internet and television,” Mr. Sterling said.

“However, no one vehicle matches the scale of our network, especially given the distribution potential we now have via our agreements with several key shopping center REITs, the interactivity of our technology, and most importantly the engagement of consumers,” he said. “We feel we have a truly unique offering for advertisers.”

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