Medallia Webinar: How to win your customers through mobile CX

Today’s most important Customer Experience battleground is taking place in mobile devices. By 2017 mobile digital media time spent increased to 69%, desktop had fallen to less than one-third of total digital media time and out of the time spent on mobiles, 90% is spent on apps. 

This research paints a clear picture: more and more users are engaging with your brand through mobile devices and specifically through in-app experiences, so you need to make sure you are consistently offering a great in-app user experience that beats your competition. Great CX cannot be achieved by copy and pasting your strategy from any other channel; you need to have a mobile first approach and the find the most effective way of engaging through mobile technology. 

Join Rachel Lane, Digital Solutions Principal at Medallia, who will analyze the current mobile CX landscape, review trends and lead you through the best practices to help you improve your users’ mobile journeys. Rachel will reveal the most successful engagement methods, how to implement a mobile in-app Voice of Customer solution, use your data for effective engagement & optimize app journeys. 

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