M-Commerce Service Targets Korea

FunMail Inc. plans to launch a wireless animation service this fall that will allow international marketers to target Korean-speaking consumers.

The company recently completed tests in which its language processing system effectively scanned Korean text messages, allowing it to add the language to its service. The service currently is available in English and Japanese. FunMail, Pleasanton, CA, estimates there are nearly 28 million wireless users in South Korea.

“[South] Korea is a very important market for FunMail,” said Adam Lavine, CEO of the company. “We can leverage much of the work we've already done in Japan to continue our success in [South] Korea.”

The service is being refined for South Koreans. This includes incorporating famous characters from the country along with applications involving its holidays, events and slang. The firm is working with content, marketing and technology companies in South Korea.

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