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McDonald’s launches #MakeMyFilm campaign

Looks like McDonald’s finally found a way to turn hashbrowns into hashtags. 

McDonald’s Canada recently launched a social media engagement campaign on Twitter which asks its followers to come up with a film plot, starring an item off the McDonald’s menu.  The trick is to do it within the 140 character limit imposed by the platform. The ideas must be submitted to the #MakeMyFilm hashtag, and McDonald’s will select the 12 best ideas to make short films based on them. Prizes for the best ideas include private movie screenings, movie passes and gift cards.

The campaign, run by digital agency Tribal Worldwide, has already received plenty of entries, ranging from absurdly hilarious to surreal and intriguing. Here’s a few of them: 

And here’s the video from McDonald’s explaining the campaign. 

Fries in a Kung-fu epic? A Big Mac walking away from an explosion? It’s fun stuff, and a creative way to engage social media followers without taxing them too much. It’s also a great use of the hashtag, which works best when it gets a large group of people in on a particular joke or idea, which appeals to their creative side. 

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