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MBTA uses mail to promote program to businesses

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, the Boston-area public transit agency, has begun a direct mail campaign to promote its Corporate Pass program.

Steve Greenblatt Creative of Dayton, OH, is the agency working on the project.

The MBTA Corporate Pass program allows employers to offer their workers who commute to work using the MBTA’s bus, subway and rail lines to have the cost of their pass deducted monthly, before taxes, from their pay. Passes are then automatically reloaded or delivered to those employees. Enrollees are also eligible for a 10% auto insurance discount.

Agency founder Steve Greenblatt said in an e-mail to DMNews that the MBTA is using direct mail to target un-enrolled businesses within its service areas and drive them to MBTA.com, where they can enroll and administer the program for their companies. Employers participating in the program receive tax benefits and some other business savings.

Subway and bus posters will also be used to promote the program to MBTA riders. Overall, the MBTA hopes to see a 10% rise in program participation.

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