Mazda turns ignition on integrated advertising campaign

Mazda North American Operations (MNAO) launched today an integrated campaign for its new 2013 Mazda CX-5 small crossover SUV, said John Abel, marketing director of Mazda North America. The campaign, called “Better. Stronger. Smarter.” is designed to generate online social buzz by encouraging employees, key brand influencers and enthusiasts to interact with the ads and share them via social media channels.

The Garage Team Mazda worked with the car manufacturer to create two television commercials, including a 60-second and a 30-second spot. The spots can be viewed on Mazda’s YouTube channel and Facebook page before the official TV launch on April 2. After the launch, Mazda will begin placing notices on cinema screens and release ads through print and digital mediums, including display ads, mobile and video. The car company will also place the videos in health clubs, airports and other locations Mazda has identified as key to reaching its target consumers.

The initial campaign will run through early July in the US and Canada and will have three follow up spots around September and October, Abel said in an email.

Mazda is building excitement through its employees first because the car company has a strong network of enthusiast clubs and Facebook friends, said Jeremy Barnes, director of US public relations for Mazda.

“The single best group of people to talk about the brand are the people who are already employed by the company,” Barnes said.

Mazda had launched a similar campaign during the Superbowl weekend, called “Revolution,” that used similar tactics, Barnes said. Because of “Revolution’s” success, the company decided to take the same approach for the “Better. Stronger. Smarter.” campaign.

“There’s nothing more compelling than getting directed to something from a friend,” Barnes said, acknowledging that one of the biggest challenges Mazda faces is making people think of Mazda when buying a car and getting on consumers’ shopping lists for consideration.

“Anything we can do to build a conversation about Mazda, how we’re different, insightful and building vehicles for enthusiasts is the right type of conversation for us to be having,” Barnes said.

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