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MatchLogic Opens UK Office

MatchLogic, Westminster, CO, an online marketing services company and a wholly owned subsidiary of Excite@Home, announced yesterday that it has opened its London office.

The office will enable the company to cater to the needs of its United Kingdom customers more efficiently, MatchLogic said.

MatchLogic's digital marketing tools enable UK customers to use permission-based e-mail services, which assist advertisers in reaching a targeted audience with personalized messages.

“Acquisition marketing is one of the huge growth areas for Internet marketers as it enables them to communicate with qualified prospects based on knowledge of their individual areas of interest,” said Dirk Moore, managing director at MatchLogic Europe Ltd. “The UK is known for delivering sophisticated direct marketing campaigns, and we feel by adding our online expertise and technology, we are providing marketers with a sustainable competitive advantage in a high-growth industry.”

It also will allow the company to offer customer relationship management solutions to help marketers manage and maintain long-term relationships with consumers via integrated, multichannel marketing campaigns.

“MatchLogic's suite of CRM products help enable marketers to know what is relevant to each customer, aiming to ensure that their marketing propositions resonate with each member of their target audience,” Moore said.

Marketers also can use MatchLogic's Internet advertising solutions to reach the right customer with the right message at the right time.

The launch is the result of a long test and rollout period involving campaigns with advertisers in Germany, Italy, France and the UK. More than 200,000 European consumers have opted in to MatchLogic's permission-based e-mail. MatchLogic expects to see that number grow rapidly as a result of aggressive marketing and significant new partnerships.

MatchLogic's clients includes Procter & Gamble, General Motors and AT&T.

Analysts agree that the UK is growing in terms of its adoption of the Internet and e-mail marketing solutions.

“The rapid adoption of the Internet, and in particular, e-mail, in the UK has seen it become a widespread communication tool for both home and business use,” said Adam Daum, research director of e-business intelligence services at Gartner Group Inc., Stamford, CT.

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