*MatchLogic in Cahoots With Cohorts

Looking to bone up its services using old-school marketing tactics, [email protected]'s MatchLogic struck a strategic partnership with market segmentation specialist Looking Glass last week.

Looking Glass uses traditional direct marketing segmentation methods to target consumers. It has divided consumers into 27 groups it calls Cohorts. They range from affluent groupings such as “Alec and Elyse,” who are empty nesters with an average age of 53 and a combined income of more than $100,000, to “Jason,” who represents male students and graduates with an average age of 22 and income of less than $20,000.

MatchLogic, a data-driven digital marketing solutions company, will use the Cohorts to better target consumers through its DeliverE opt-in e-mail service.

Previously the company had targeted consumers using 135 different attributes, such as gender, age and income for response modeling, name selection modeling and demographic and lifestyle targeting.

These capabilities will still be available, but MatchLogic feels the segmentation strategy will be superior. “We're moving the needle further down on the personalization scale,” said Tarek Dimachkie, senior director of acquisition marketing at MatchLogic, Westminster, CO. “Creating better copy and better messaging is a value in this new online channel. [We want] to get to the right audience as quickly and effectively as possible.”

Because segmentation is a strategy direct marketers have practiced for years in the offline world, Dimachkie feels its principles apply in the e-mail marketing arena.

“We're taking a good thing that's worked in the offline world and applying it to a medium, e-mail marketing, that needs to increase in both sophistication and performance for marketers,” he said.

Looking Glass' clients are looking forward to bringing their efforts online, said Scott Schroeder, chief operating officer at strategic marketing company Looking Glass Inc., Denver. “Clients who already are using the Cohorts and would like to move online will now have the chance. They can now deliver consistent messages on the Web with everything they're doing offline.”

Looking Glass' Cohorts are rounded out with detailed information, including extensive research that was conducted for the company earlier this year by Scarborough Research, New York. Cohorts like Alec and Elyse are further described as dual-income, older couples with high discretionary income. Jason represents physically active, technologically inclined young men finishing school or embarking on their first job.

Clients of Looking Glass include AT&T Broadband and Cablevision.

Earlier last month, MatchLogic debuted its sweepstakes and games site FastFreeFun. The new site's aim is to be a lead-generating tool for marketers looking to acquire qualified leads.

MatchLogic offers marketers targeted ad and e-mail services, acquisition marketing and campaign optimization tools, data mart management and analysis as well as customer relationship management solutions.

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