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MasterCard Launches 'Priceless Holiday Gifts' Sweepstakes

MasterCard on Nov. 1 introduced the “Priceless Holiday Gifts” promotion, a sweepstakes that will award one cardholder five prizes, including an African safari, attendance at a Formula One race; and a trip to the My VH-1 Music Awards.

The company said the fourth-quarter promotion, which ends Dec. 31, promotes the brand as unique among the major credit cards.

“'Priceless Holiday Gifts' is the manifestation of our brand,” said Debra Coughlin, senior vice president of global and North American brand building at MasterCard. “The concept of 'priceless' is extraordinarily relevant to consumers, especially during the holiday season, and with this promotion, we've brought it home with a meaningful, tangible element.”

MasterCard said more than 140 member financial institutions are participating in the promotion, which is the first it has run simultaneously in Canada and the United States.

The company rolled out an integrated marketing campaign to promote the sweepstakes. Components include online banner advertising, 15-second and 30-second television spots, print ads and a Priceless Holiday Gifts Web site that features an instant-win game. Merchant point-of-sale kits and supermarket register coupons also are being used.

“We create promotions to provide revenue-generating opportunities for our members and merchants,” Coughlin said. “With hundreds of thousands of point-of-sale kits and cardholder inserts already ordered, we know we've hit our mark.” MasterCard said eight of its top 10 merchants have ordered more than 275,000 point-of-purchase displays.

The sweepstakes winner receives a trip for two to Great Britain to meet the Jordan Formula One racing team and attend racing school. The winner also gets VIP tickets to a Grand Prix race; a trip for two to Africa for a safari; a trip for two to the My VH-1 Music Awards; and an astronaut-guided behind-the-scenes tour of the Houston space center, including use of its space walk and shuttle simulators.

“The concept of 'Priceless Holiday Gifts' succeeds on a number of fronts,” Coughlin said. “It lives within the context of 'the spirit of the holidays' by providing the winner with unique gifts for their loved ones, fits within our brand space and leverages the impact of our award-winning, nationally recognized 'Priceless' advertising and marketing campaign.”

The sweepstakes is open to legal U.S. and Canadian residents who were MasterCard holders as of Nov. 1. Each time a cardholder uses his MasterCard to make a purchase before Dec. 31, he is automatically entered in the sweepstakes. To be eligible, cardholders must register at www.mastercard.com.

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