Mason Shoe Awards List Duties to Novus

Mason Shoe Co., Chippewa Falls, WI, has chosen Novus Marketing Inc. to take over list management and fulfillment of its 11 files.

The files include seven footwear catalog lists and four package insert programs. The switch has facilitated improvements in selectivity and fulfillment capabilities.

Novus, Valhalla, NY, has gained the Mason lists after 15 years of management by Names & Addresses Inc., Wheeling, IL. The change of management companies was nothing against Names & Addresses, said Dave Falkner, senior catalog manager at Mason.

“The goal is to maintain Mason’s current customer base and expand upon it,” said Jane Kaiser, director of marketing research at Novus. “Some of the markets that I uncovered based on analysis of their primary market include gifts, fundraising and credit card.”

Before the move, Mason Shoe had always done its list rental fulfillment inhouse. Because of the increasing numbers of requests for new selects and names supplied on media other than magnetic tapes, Mason faced costly and time-consuming system upgrades and decided to explore third-party fulfillment, Falkner said.

The newest addition to the Mason Shoe rental names is the Mason Direct Enhanced File.

“We’ve enhanced the files across all properties, thereby allowing people a myriad of different selects that are not necessarily available on the individual lists,” said Danielle Beames, list manager and account executive at Novus.

There are 35 different demographic and lifestyle selects such as age, presence of children, age of children and specific interest categories. The seven individual Mason lists are included in the enhanced file.

Mason Direct manufactures and sells more than 500 styles of shoes for men and women. The 12-month count is 480,000 with an average order of $70. Buyers are 81 percent male and range from 50 to 65 years old.

B.A. Mason markets men’s and women’s dress, casual, athletic and outdoor footwear styles. The 12-month file size is 221,000; orders average $87, and the average customer is 45 to 50 years old. The file is 64 percent male.

E.T. Wright is the newest Mason book, featuring men’s name-brand footwear and the E.T. Wright brand. The 48,800 12-month buyers spend an average of $145 per order, have an average age of 45-plus and are 100 percent male. Masseys women’s footwear catalog offers name-brand shoes in styles from trendy to classic. The 12-month file has 250,000 buyers who spend an average of $90 per order. Average age on the file is 55-plus, and 86 percent of the buyers are female.

Maryland Square caters to the professional woman with a selection of business, dress and casual footwear. There are 372,000 12-month buyers on the file with an average age of 40-plus. The average order is $90, and 85 percent of the buyers are female.

Stuart McGuire customers purchase comfortable shoes at reasonable prices. The file has a 12-month count of 178,000, an average order of $65 and an average age of 57. The file is 94 percent male.

Wissota Trader carries men’s and women’s dress, casual and athletic footwear. The 12-month count is 163,000; average order is $90. Average age is 45-plus; 65 percent are female.

Package insert programs are available for Mason Direct, B.A. Mason, Stuart McGuire and Wissota Trader.

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