Marquette Targets Profitable Customers

Marquette Financial Companies, a financial services firm, said yesterday that it is using Sedona Corp.'s Intarsia V.2 software to target its most profitable customers.

Marquette, Minneapolis, analyzes the profitability of its customers on an individual, household and product basis to provide better-targeted services that generate more revenue.

“Based on the profitability, we'll make determinations on whether to enhance products or modify the pricing of products to benefit us as well as the customer,” said Michael J. Uline, vice president of information technologies, marketing and customer information systems at Marquette.

Intarsia V.2 creates profiles of Marquette customers and distributes them to its senior management through a Web-based portal.

“We're a bank that's scattered across sixteen states with bankers in over 120 branches,” Uline said. “Each of the bankers wants to know their profitable customers and profiles at the individual bank level, which I can provide through our Web-enabled report distribution.”

Bankers access customer reports with a user ID and password on Marquette's internal Web site. Customer reports are distributed on a monthly basis, Uline said.

Marquette uses Intarsia V.2 to target potential customers for home equity loans.

“Intarsia enabled us to decrease cost by bringing marketing efforts in-house and to greatly increase efficiency, since we were able to generate a target mailing list within a day, whereas it took weeks when we outsourced,” Uline said.

Marquette is privately held with over $6 billion in assets.

Sedona Corp., King of Prussia, PA, partners with customer software providers IBM, Acxiom and Epiphany to develop and deliver customer relationship management software for mid-tier companies. Intarsia V.2 provides profitability management, lead tracking, Web-based reporting and campaign management support. It can be used as an application service provider or as a customer-hosted system.

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