MarketsOnDemand Adds New Specialty Files

MarketsOnDemand yesterday said that it added eight new files to its consumer interest specialty lists.

These interest lists are derived from MarketsOnDemand's CoreBase, a database of Internet-derived, opt-in marketing data. CoreBase is sourced via opt-in registrations from a network of Web sites.

The new files are Arts & Entertainment, 271,000 names; Auction Enthusiasts, 123,000 names; Beauty & Cosmetics Lovers, 125,000 names; Business & Entrepreneurship, 195,000 names; Children's Merchandise & Toy Lovers, 166,000 names; Craft Lovers, 358,000 names; Family & Parenting, 219,000 names; and Fashion & Apparel Lovers, 226,000 names.

Selects include geography, gender, age, length of residence, marital status, household income, presence of children, mail-order buyer status and homeowner status.

File rentals are $130/M for e-mail addresses, $85/M for postal addresses and $205 for e-mail and postal addresses.

These eight files join 16 others on the specialty file lineup of MarketsOnDemand, Chicago. The other lists include antique lovers, electronics enthusiasts, gardening enthusiasts, outdoor enthusiasts, collectors, book buyers and readers, cooking enthusiasts, health and fitness buffs, home decor and improvement prospects, and investing and finance.

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