MarketsOnDemand Adds 4 Specialty Lists

MarketsOnDemand yesterday announced four additions to its interest specialty lists: Electronics Enthusiasts, Gardening Enthusiasts, Outdoor Enthusiasts and Collectors.

All of the company's interest lists are derived from MarketsOnDemand's CoreBase SM, a database of Internet-derived, opt-in marketing data. CoreBase is sourced via opt-in registrations from a network of Web sites.

Electronics Enthusiasts contains consumers who indicated an interest in watching or collecting videos and listening to music.

Gardening Enthusiasts consists of consumers who indicated an interest in gardening, landscaping and lawn care.

Outdoor Enthusiasts contains prospects who indicated an interest in outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, biking, rock climbing, horseback riding, canoeing, hunting and fishing.

Collectors consists of consumers who indicated an interest in collecting stamps, dolls, coins, miniatures, sports cards and other items.

Selects include gender, marital status, household income, age, presence of children and homeownership.

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