MarketSoft Enhances, Renames Marketing Suite

MarketSoft Corp. is expected today to debut DemandMore, a group of software-based services designed to let companies track and manage leads generated via marketing campaigns.

Two of its features, Programs and Metrics, allow firms to take leads from one marketing channel and use them in different promotional efforts. Information gathered during an e-mail campaign can be used in a company's telemarketing or direct mail, for example.

DemandMore can track leads from promotion to sale or rejection, and it includes reports that let marketers measure return on investment. The suite also can be used to automate e-mail campaigns and other interactive Web advertisements.

The software services allow firms to direct prospect leads to resellers, brokers and business partners, said Mike Kozub, chief marketing officer at MarketSoft, Lexington, MA.

“It ensures that the right lead gets to the right place at the right time, and it can be responded to immediately,” he said.

DemandMore also includes enhanced and renamed versions of MarketSoft's past software releases. They include eLocator, which is now called Connections; eLeads, which has been changed to Leads; and eOffers, which has been renamed Interactions.

Connections' key feature works like a search engine or wizard. The application takes queries and then gives a phone number to an appropriate call center, lists an office location for a sales representative or finds an e-commerce site with the desired product or service.

The service, which collects customer demographic and geographic information to determine the most appropriate sales channel, was built to increase revenue across a large network of sales partners. It also can be used to supply call center representatives with real-time information about callers. The representatives use secure Web pages that display information entered by the callers at the company's site.

The Leads service stores information from prospects' responses to campaigns. File attachments containing this information can be e-mailed to sales representatives.

The Interactions service determines, through algorithms, the best offer for a specific customer.

DemandMore starts at $100,000 per user annually. A hosted version of the suite is also available for $10,000 per month.

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