Marketo releases “Cards Against Marketing Madness” a card game about marketing cliches

Need a way to vent your frustrations about overused marketing terms? Marketo’s got a game for you.

The digital marketing platform just released “Cards Against Marketing Madness,” it’s own version of the extremely popular board game “Cards Against Humanity.” 

Here’s how Marketo describes the game:

Are you up to your ears in relevant pain points, tactical deliverables, and Post-it Notes? Do you dream about presenting PowerPoints to the sales team in your underwear? Do you know what a Gantt chart really measures?

If you’re battling in the trenches of marketing mayhem, Cards Against Marketing Madness is your game.

The premise is simple. You get a marketing buzzword, question or sentence with a blank, and to respond to it, you have to choose from Marketo’s list of funny responses.

For example, you get dealt a purple card, with this question:

You then get to choose a response from the white cards you have been dealt:

And the person with the best response wins. OK so it’s not laugh-out-loud hilarious, but I’m sure plenty of marketers will get a kick out of it, and needless to say it would be a fun way to liven up a department meeting. Oh and in case you didn’t notice, this is a pretty cool way for Marketo to generate its own leads by making this game available to download. 

The game’s PDF version can be downloaded here, and Marketo will also be giving out physical card versions to winners of a contest.

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