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Marketo Makes a Stab at Seamless


Marketo, one of the founding names in marketing automation, today introduced two new capabilities that it promises will deliver its users into the promised land of seamless, topical communication across all promotional channels.

With today’s release of the Mobile Engagement and Ad Bridge functions, Marketo claims it is uniting all major digital marketing channels in a single platform. The company’s new topline for users: Dump your cobbled-together multichannel marketing tools and use a single platform to establish unified experiences with customers in “minutes instead of months.”

“Marketing should not live in silos. It’s imperative that brands connect with their customers with the right message wherever they are,” said Marketo CEO Phil Fernandez in a statement announcing the launch. “We are ushering in a new era of marketing that is all about engagement everywhere.”

Marketo Mobile Engagement “listens” for customer behavior across web, social, email, and advertising media and then triggers communications in appropriate channels based on behaviors it detects in the mobile environment. Ad Bridge enables marketers to effective track and optimize their spends while connecting online ad efforts with multichannel marketing strategies.

Rocket Fuel also announced today that it had integrated with Marketo Ad Bridge.The media buying platform ingests users’ first-party data and uses it to automate one-to-one marketing across both paid and owned channels. “The key here–and this is not to be missed–is that data can now flow back and forth in real time between Marketo and Rocket Fuel Digital Marketing Hub,” said the company’s SVP of Product Marketing, Simon Hayhurst.

Story updated 4/14/15 at 1:45 p.m.

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