Marketo Launches Customer Engagement Engine

Marketo has announced the launch of its new customer engagement software, Customer Engagement Engine. The software is designed to automatically manage the distribution of content via email, based on the customer’s interests and analytics.

Marketers deal with numerous programs to analyze which content is best to distribute to their customers on a daily basis. In response, the cloud-based marketing software company hopes to advance the job of the contemporary marketer through a more efficient metrics-gathering system.

“What [Marketo’s Customer Engagement Engine] fundamentally does is give marketers back their time. That’s what marketers need,” says Sanjay Dholakia, CMO of Marketo. “They need content to give to the right person at the right time. To do that, it’s been a horribly manual exercise. Now we’re giving marketers the ability to do that: getting the messages to the right person at the right time, giving [marketers] mathematical and intelligent time to be great marketers and create content to help them compete.”

The software, which will also be available as an update for existing customers, aims to organize content into smart streams that automatically decides which content should then be sent next. It will analyze a particular customer’s information and viewer history to judge what messages should follow up. Additionally, the software will provide a single engagement score, gathered by metrics such as clicks and opens, for marketers to see how well their content is performing.

“This engagement score—this algorithm—will pull all of these metrics…from the campaign into a single score,” Dholakia says. “So I can know if this particular score is 85, while this other one is 52, the other piece of content is performing far better.”

The software aims to help marketers become better programmers, as well, Dholakia says. The goal is to give marketers the type of intelligence that email service providers alone cannot deliver, he says.

“This is reinventing a capability in marketing automation space, as well as reinventing and setting a new bar for the world of email marketing,” Dholakia says. “Email has been on a steady decline and on a commoditization path of lost capability. This cements the relegation of email for people that compete in the marketing automation space. If you don’t have this basic capability, it’s time to graduate.

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