Marketo Joins the ABM Party

Marketo, one of the leading platforms in the marketing automation space, today announced the launch of Marketo Account-Based Marketing, claimed to be currently the only solution that offers “all the essentials for ABM success within a single, marketing automation platform.”

San Mateo-based Marketo, widely cited as a top three MA provider, provides products to track and manager customer engagement across channels, including email, mobile and social. Marketo ABM is aimed at aligning sales and marketing teams around an account-focused solution within the Marketo MA platform. “While marketing and sales teams have long been doing account targeting, the technology hasn’t been available to reach and engage accounts – and the decision makers within them – in a coordinated, scalable way,” said Chandar Pattabhiram, CMO at Marketo, in a press release. 

The launch signals Marketo joining a rush of MA vendors to highlight ABM capabilities in their platforms, including Act-On and Avention. I asked Marketo what differentiates its offering. Mike Telem, VP of Product, told me by email: “Marketo ABM is the only solution that has all the essentials for ABM success (target, engage, and measure) natively in our platform.Other ABM solutions currently do not include these three essential capabilities; for example Act-On does not offer web personalization or the ability to track revenue impact. These other ABM solutions also require marketers to stitch together different tools and navigate between technologies rather than being able to manage ABM programs within one platform.”

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