MarketMeSuite is an alternative to Hootsuite and Sprout for small biz social media management


MarketMeSuite is a social media management and marketing platform designed for small- and mid-sized businesses. Covering Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, it is also integrated with marketing tool Constant Contact. Features include a centralized email inbox for social channels, geo-targeting, robust ROI metrics, and tools for engagement, content curation, sharing, and sales leads.

Monthly plans range from $20 to $245.

Privately held

Christine Napierkowski, Snapology of Austin franchise owner, has been using MarketMeSuite for about five months.

How do you use it?
When I log in, the first thing I do is click the “Real-time Search” box. That pulls up all mentions of terms I’ve set to search for on the social media channels I have connected to MarketMeSuite. I’ve set it up to search Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Snapology runs LEGO camps for kids, so the terms I search for on a daily basis include “LEGO,” “summer camp,” and “birthday party.”

Then I go to my inboxes, which show me all communication (including responses) that I’ve had with anyone on any of the social media channels.

When I find mentions in Real-time Search, I can start interacting with people on any social media channel. For example, I might see a post on Facebook by a parent asking how they can use LEGO to help their child stay interested in math. I can reply right there through MarketMeSuite’s platform and start a relationship with that person.

There’s a support button on every screen inside MarketMeSuite that you just click on if you have a problem or need help. You report the problem, provide your email address, and you can attach a screenshot if you want. Response is almost instantaneous. They’re extremely prompt and helpful. ?

How does it serve your business needs?
Social media is a huge component of any business. Snapology is a very small business – we have two employees. We don’t have a big budget for marketing and advertising, so MarketMeSuite has been a huge opportunity for us to drive word of mouth and gain a lot of new customers.

MarketMeSuite has drastically cut down on time I used to spend trying to search for relevant conversations and engage in them. It’s incredible to have all of those resources in one browser and to only have one button to push to do all of the searching and posting I need.

It’s made my business much more efficient and engaged with social media audiences. You’re able to develop and maintain relationships because it makes it easy to follow along with relevant conversations and keep all of the conversations flowing.

We pick up lot of our customers through social media. When parents register, we ask them how they were referred. More than 60% come from Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. I believe that’s a direct result of MarketMeSuite, because without it I wouldn’t have time to participate in so many social media conversations.

How does it integrate with your existing infrastructure from an IT standpoint?
It’s all web-based.

What are the main benefits?
It’s very efficient and saves me a lot of time. 

The functionality is great. It’s intuitive and easy to use.

What are the main drawbacks?
Differentiating between the different inboxes was a little confusing at first for me. There is a general inbox, a network inbox, a search inbox, and more. It was tricky to figure out how to file different leads that come from your Real-time Search results, but once you figure it out it’s easy.

What would you like to see improved / added? 
I’d like Pinterest integration. 


Hootsuite – a social media management system that allows clients to collaboratively execute campaigns and support customers across multiple social networks from one secure, web-based dashboard. Features include message scheduling and assignment tools, comprehensive reporting and analytics, keyword mention and search term monitoring, audience identification and profiling tools, geo-targeting, and RSS integration.

Sprout Social – provides a social media management platform (for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites) that includes communication tools, contact management, competitive insight, lead generation, analytics, and more.  

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