Marketing The Meatless Farm Co with Kasper Vesth

Kasper Vesth, general manager of The Meatless Farm Co, North America, joins Kim Davis to talk about the genesis of the product, its long development period, and how it was rolled out in the U.K. in 2018, and in the U.S. right about now. Along with its obvious competitors, the product is helping define a new category of plant-based “meat”-type products. Not your traditional veggie burger.

With its European roots, the brand was originally focused on providing a ground “meat” product to support popular family meals like lasagne. But in the States, it’s all about the burger of course. Vesth has plenty of insights into strategy, including why the product isn’t found on freezer shelves. And on the day of the Global Climate Change Strike, he talks about the environmental benefits of reducing meat consumption.

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