Marketing Partnership Brings Banks Closer to Customers

Banks are expected to begin targeting ATM users with personalized direct marketing messages with the partnership this week of Naviant Technology Solutions, Newtown Square, PA, and Diebold Inc., Canton, OH, an ATM manufacturer.

The partnership combines Diebold's iqCRM program that can identify a customer at the ATM and activate on-screen marketing programs, and Naviant's customer relationship marketing consulting program. Essentially, Naviant has the back-office responsibility, and Diebold has the ATM channel piece, and the companies work together to provide the interconnection to help financial institutions analyze customer data and deliver and capture responses from marketing campaigns delivered at the ATM.

Banks can use its marketing database to score their customer database — based on their propensity to buy various products and services — and then combine this information with ATM technology to offer a personalized marketing message.

For example, a bank may know that a particular customer scored very high for a home equity loan, because that customer's mortgage is with the bank.

“So, the next time that person is using an ATM, he would receive a marketing message that says he has been pre-approved for an a home equity loan,” said Win Billingsley, vice president of Naviant. “Then, using the touchplates around the screen, the customer could respond by saying things like 'Yes, send me a brochure about that,” or 'No, I'm not interested.'”

Information entered into the ATM, which is ultimately tied into the bank's CRM database, can be forwarded to the marketing department for follow up. Another application may include asking a customer to provide additional demographic information for the marketing department.

Billingsley said that since this system is connected into the bank's CRM system, something as simple as a language preference “will already be known, and you can eliminate that superfluous screen, which speeds up the transaction at the ATM for the customer.”

While the partnership is focusing on banks and the financial services sector right now, it has applicability in other industries as well, including retail establishments that may want to do targeted marketing.

“A lot of the ATMs that are in retail establishments like Wal Mart and 7-11 Stores are actually owned by the retailer, and those retailers want to do targeted advertising at the ATM,” Billingsley said.

Analysts believe that while banks and other industries have been experimenting with using ATMs as a marketing tool for about ten years now, most have been focusing on mass marketing techniques. Naviant's application, however, “is be one of the first to really focus on a targeted, one-to-one approach, said Kathleen Khirallah, a CRM analyst at TowerGroup, Neddham, MA.

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