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Marketing News Bytes: March 28, 2013


Capital Optimization

What is it? Demandbase announces $15 million in financing to use patented technologies in growing its online advertising and website optimization platform.

WIIFM? The company claims the upgrade will improve users’ real-time identification of prospects and customers.

Who’s talking? “Demandbase’s unique ability to not only personalize a prospect’s first engagement with a brand site, but also to focus ad spend on reaching target customers is why we are so excited to work with them,” says Stacey Bishop of Scale Venture Partners, which led the round of investment.

Mailing the Mail Carriers

What is it? MeritDirect is appointed list manager of the Federal and Postal Employee Masterfile from FederalDaily.com, the leading source of information and services targeting federal and postal employees.

WIIFM? 52,000 postal addresses and 39,00 email addresses of government workers.


BlogFrog Gets Influential

What is it? TapInfluence, formerly known as BlogFrog, announces the availability of its influencer marketing software as a cloud-based program.

WIIFM? Automation of the time-consuming process of identifying and engaging with large numbers of social influencers and distributing content across social networks.

Who’s talking? “TapInfluence is driven to get brands out of the sidebar and directly into the content that engages customers, builds trust and loyalty, and provides value to all parties: brands, influencers, and consumers,” says CEO Rustin Banks.

Higher Pay for Publishers

What is it? SponsorPay launches a new solution for the mediation of ad campaigns from networks, DSPs, and agencies, as well as direct-sold campaigns and house ads.

WIIFM? The company claims that, in beta tests, the new product delivered publishers CPM increases of 30% to 40%.

Who’s talking? “The mediation solution from SponsorPay delivers very effective yield optimization and ensures the highest eCPMs in the industry,” says Lianwu Pan, CEO of Feelingtouch, developer of the games Ninja Rush and Eagle Nest.

On the Path to Conversion

What is it? Compass Labs announces its Facebook certified conversion tracking and measurement solution.

WIIFM? Compass maintains that it will help marketers to better understand the customer path to conversion, determine lifetime value of customers, and increase social ROI.

Who’s talking? “With a Facebook-certified, internationally effective solution, we are providing marketers with the ability to truly understand the unique stories behind customer conversions,” says CEO Dilip Venkatachari.


Who is it: John Healy and David Stetson, named COO and CFO, respectively, of Monetate, a customer experience company.

What’s their roles: Healy leads sales, marketing and delivery operations; Stetson heads finance, human resources, and operations.

Where were they prior: Healy was group CEO of GSI Marketing Services, an eBay Company, and previously held executive positions at DoubleClick. Stetson was CFO of Dealer.com.

Why were they appointed: “Attracting talented, high-energy executives like John and David is instrumental to our growth plans to power the digital marketing strategies of the world’s best-known brands,” says CEO David Brussin.

Who is it: Olga Ackad and Joel Schaeffer, promoted to co-managing directors of the Long Form division of Mercury Media, a marketing agency

What’s their roles: Both are charged with directing growth in the division.

Where were they prior: Ackad was formerly VP of client services; Schaeffer was VP of media.

Why were they appointed: “Their commitment and dedication to the success of Mercury Media has been exemplary,” says CEO John Barnes.

Who is it: Mike Goefft, named executive director, strategic partnerships, at Doremus San Francisco

What’s his role: He will be responsible new business and directing the agency in competitive pitches.

Where was he prior Goefft previously served as SVP, group account director at Deutsch LA, and SVP and COO at Y&R San Francisco.


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