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Marketing News Bytes: February 28, 2013


An Angel on the Account

What is it? Genesys, a customer service solutions company, announces it will acquire Angel.com from MicroStrategy Inc. Angel is a provider of cloud-based, self-service contact center solutions.

WIIFM? Users of Genesys’s self-service portfolio now gain access to Angel’s customer base of more than 800 accounts, which include top-tier brands as well as mid-market companies.

Who’s talking? “Angel brings a new level of multichannel, self-service solutions to Genesys customers and to the broader global market, where midsize companies are the norm,” says Paul Segre, president and CEO of Genesys.

Security Tag Team

What is it? Lotame and The Media Trust announce a partnership aimed at boosting Lotame’s current tag management capabilities in all activities occurring through direct and third-party advertising tags on clients’ websites.

WIIFM? Publishers, ad networks, and brands can take advantage of quick implementation and a method of capturing third-party tags that they otherwise may have missed, thereby making data theft more difficult.

Who’s talking? “Clients using our [enhanced system] can rest assured they have full visibility of all third-party activities conducted on their websites,” says Lotame CEO Andy Monfried.

Mohawk Expands Digital Paper Trail

What is it? The paper supplier adds three new digital specialists to its sales force, all hired away from Xerox: John Parsons, Shannon Greer, and Meri Ann Allen.

WIIFM? Mohawk suggests that the move is emblematic of its commitment to building digital printing capabilities and increasing customer contact in the development of new product lines.

Who’s talking? “With the expansion of our digital portfolio, we have more opportunities to provide strategic solutions to customers’ unique business needs,” says Digital Sales Manager Thomas D. O’Connor III.


The Mobile Salesforce

What is it? Salesforce.com unveils the first solutions available in its new Salesforce Service Cloud Mobile. They include co-browsing technology, instant information access for customers, and customer service resolution via tablets, Androids, and iPhones.

WIIFM? Salesforce heralds this as the beginning of the end of the call-center era pegged to landlines and the beginning of the mobile era in which companies can serve customers in several ways on several devices.

Who’s talking? “Mobile creates an opportunity for New Jersey Transit to make new connections with customers while empowering them with access to real-time information to take control of their journey,” says Anthony Grieco, senior director of customer service and transit information for NJ Transit.

inContact in Many Ways

What is it? inContact releases new software for its cloud contact center designed to harmonize contact center operations via multichannel interactions and improved agent interface.

WIIFM? The company promises, essentially, easier flow of customer communications via all channels along with more expedient and effective response from agents.

Who’s talking? “Our new cloud Universal Queue addresses a major pain point in the industry, enabling contact centers to integrate their operations in a way that hasn’t been possible in a traditional premise environment,” says CEO Paul Jarman.

Topsy of Mind

What is it? Topsy, a social analytics, company introduces two new alerting tools: Topsy Alerts, which gives users immediate notification of a change in activity or sentiment on any topic, and Topsy Reports, email digests on designated topics emerging in the digital sphere.

WIIFM? With the first product, marketers can set up alerts to detect immediate changes in public sentiment. With the second, they can keep abreast of in-depth coverage of competitors, for instance.

Who’s talking? “We use Topsy reports as part of our strategy to stay on top of engagement around both our stories and those topics that we follow closely,” says Joaquin Alvarado, Chief Strategy Officer at the Center for Investigative Reporting.

Eventful Apps

What is it? Mobile apps from atEvent aimed at helping marketers increase ROI from client-related events.

WIIFM? The idea is that sales and marketing personnel will let fewer leads fall throught the cracks at company events by using this mobile app to provide feedback, follow-up, and initiate social media integration on-site.

Who’s talking? “The app enables marketers and sales personnel to drive meaningful interactions [using] targeted content and capture real-time leads and prospect feedback at their events,” says CEO Uzair Dada.


Who it is: Misha Logvinov, promoted to SVP and Chief Customer Officer of Lithium Technologies, a player in social customer experience.

What’s his role: He’s responsible for helping orchestrate Lithium’s worldwide customer value chain.

Where was he prior: Logvinov was previously Lithium’s CIO.

Why was he appointed: “Misha is a vigorous supporter and staunch advocate of our customers and, as a CIO, he has been expert in streamlining internal systems and improving the overall customer success experience,” says CEO Rob Tarkoff.

Who it is: Greg Cohen, named Chief Revenue & Strategy Officer of Merchant Warehouse, a retail account services firm.

What’s his role: Cohen will be responsible for expanding partnership, payment, and commerce opportunities.

Where was he prior: He arrives from VeriFone, where he was SVP and GM of commerce solutions. Cohen previously held senior positions at Vital and Global Payments.

Why was he appointed: “Greg’s experience brings firepower to our team,” says CEO Henry Helgeson.

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