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Marketing News Bytes: February 22, 2013


Point-three-percent and counting

What is it? Americans have adjusted their budgets to increasing payroll taxes and gas prices and responded with a 0.3% bigger retail spend in January than they made in December, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF).

WIIFM? Along with firmer housing prices and employment statistics, the NRF concludes that consumer confidence is rising, though still shaky.

Who’s talking? “The retail sales figures continue to indicate a stable yet fragile economy,” says NRF CEO Matthew Shay. “The economy will continue to limp along until our politicians finally address our tax and spending challenges and put forward a pro-growth, pro-jobs agenda.”

Neither Rain, Nor Heat, Nor Questionable Fashion Sense…

What is it? This week, USPS announced that it will introduce the Rain Heat & Snow brand of apparel and accessories for men through a licensing agreement with The Wahconah Group, based in the fashion capital of Cleveland.

WIIFM? Okay, Postmaster General  Donahoe, we get it.  You’ve got to run the Postal  Service like a business, Congress be damned. We understand taking carriers off the streets on Saturdays, but is it good business sense to put them on the runway instead? In any event, it’s now safe for some digital marketing agency to release its Modern Marketer line of mix-and-match t-shirts, velveteen sportcoats, imported eyewear, and $300 jeans.

Who’s talking? ““This agreement will put the Postal Service on the cutting edge of functional fashion,” says Postal Service Corporate Licensing Manager Steven Mills.


How Does Video Rate?

What is it? Videology announces a new digital advertising platform that employs  Nielsen’s Online Campaign Ratings to measure campaign performance by age and gender.

WIIFM? A tool for advertisers seeking to assess campaign performance across broadcast television and online video. Cross-screen ratings aid control of factors such as cross-device reach and frequency allocation.

Who’s talking?  “A large number of advertisers are interested in incorporating digital ratings into their campaigns,” says CEO Scott Ferber.

Now  You Can Ship to Every Country…and Then Some

What is it? Melissa Data launches Global Data Quality Suite, which it claims delivers accurate current contact data for more than 240 countries and territories. (Editor’s Note: The U.S. State Department recognizes 195 countries.) The suite includes tools to verify phone numbers and street addresses with longitude and latitude coordinates.

WIIFM?  More efficient postal handling for interntional shippers through verification of address format and postal standards by country.

Who’s talking?  “Sales from global ecommerce will surpass $1.25 trillion in 2013,” notes COO Gary Van Roekel.


Who it is: Mike DeBartolo, named first Chief Revenue Officer, of AARP.

What’s his role: DeBartolo will provide strategic direction and operational  leadership for the media sales and marketing teams. He is charged with growing AARP’s media revenue streams, including print, digital, broadcast and mobile.

Where was he prior: He served in senior sales and general management capacities at publishing titles including Parade, Glamour, Readers Digest, TV Guide and Money.

Why was he appointed:  “We’ll look to Mike to continue to move the needle in this space, showing why it’s imperative for advertisers to connect with the vitally important 50-plus consumer base,” says Robyn Motley, SVP and GM of AARP Media.

Who it is: Elizabeth Ridout, named Chief Digital Marketing Officer of Thane Direct, a direct marketer of fitness, HBC, and housewares products.

What’s her role:  She will handle development and implementation of global digital marketing strategy and operations, including  personnel, site design, social media, and CRM lifecycle management.

Where was she prior: Ridout was most recently VP of Marketing and Communications for Kobo.  She previously served with Bell Canada as Associate Director of Acquisition Marketing  and as Director of National Marketing and e-Business at Signature Vacations.

Why was he appointed:  ““Elizabeth is a gifted ecommerce and digital executive, with proven skills and an impressive track record within this burgeoning area of direct marketing, “ says CEO Amir Tukulj.

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