Marketing Lessons to Carry into 2015


The New Year is as much about the past as it is about the future.  So often, this celebratory countdown prompts each of us to look at the previous days and cull lessons that, hopefully, we can use in the year to come. Essentially, the future is all about applying lessons from our past.

As 2014 comes to a close, I thought it’d be fun—and productive—to look at some of the more poignant lessons we’ve learned this past year in the field of marketing. These are great building blocks that allow us to not only build a solid foundation but enables us to make new strides in marketing. Below are my 10 favorite articles from 2014. Feel free to comment, and share some of your favorite lessons that you plan carry with you into the New Year.

1. The Modern Age of Coupon Marketing
Snipping and clipping give way to scanning and clicking. How marketers are maximizing the rise of digital discounts.

2. The Age of the Customer Intensifies
Analyst David Cooperstein explains how successful marketers focus not only on campaigns, but also on the customer.

Four Millennial Marketing Myths
Separate fact from fiction when it comes to marketing to America’s young adults. 

4. Six Big Data Dos and Don’ts
Your marketing team has collected the data. Now learn what to—and what not to—do with it.

5. The Periodic Table of Content Marketing
Turns out, there’s a science to content marketing. Here’s the proof.

6. A Snapshot of the 21st Century Marketer
Today’s marketer needs to be digital, mobile, social, personal, and always on.

7. Back to the Future: Marketing in 2025
Researchers say marketing in the future will be enabled by a vast network of data-collecting devices—a.k.a. the Internet of Things. 

8. 15 Digital Facts Every Marketer Should Know
Emails with no subject lines, CEOs on social media, and other top digital tips, trends, and stats for today’s marketers.

9. Opening Your Mind (and Campaigns) to Open Data
Marketers take note. There’s a trend that’s sweeping in: the push for open data innovation.

10. Move Over Millennials, Generation Z Is on the Scene
What marketers need to know today about the potential customers of tomorrow.

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