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Marketing in the Google era

The world of marketing has changed in the past decade, and many of the techniques that we as marketers used to produce results for our businesses are now obsolete. The Internet has caused a fundamental shift in the way we work and live, and marketers have had to develop new tactics to respond.

At Salesforce.com, we have developed a number of techniques for effectively marketing in this so-called Google era.

Historically, marketers focused on broadcasting their message to the mass market, buying ad spots and communicating their messages without regard to measuring responses or ROI. But marketing in the Google era requires a different mind-set. No longer is the focus on getting your message in front of as many eyeballs as possible. Now marketers need to focus on targeted messages and message relevancy.

Paid-search advertising is a leading cost-effective form of marketing because it allows marketers to place highly relevant messages in front of a target audience at the exact moment they express interest in a particular product or service. Many companies begin their online advertising journey with the search marketing leader,

Google AdWords. Google AdWords allows companies of all sizes to get started quickly and with minimal investment. When a company is comfortable placing ads, the next step is to optimize

Google AdWords through the following tactics:

  • Keyword selection Understanding which keywords generate traffic, leads and sales opportunities.
  • Compelling creative Developing enticing ad copy andWeb site landing pages that resonate with your audience and convert visitors.
  • A/B split testing Testing different versions of a message to see which one results in higher click-through rates.
  • Geo-targeting Develop your messages and ads based on specific regional targeting.

    However, these tactics are useless if you can’t properly measure the results. We have integrated Google AdWords search-marketing campaigns with Salesforce CRM. This enables us to understand the source of all inbound Google AdWords leads. Once those leads are pulled from ourWeb site into Salesforce.com, we track them through the pipeline lifecycle, from keyword to close. By integrating Salesforce CRM with Google AdWords, we have a clear picture of ROI.We don’t have to guess what campaigns and keywords are delivering new business.We know.

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