Marketing Challenge: Too Much Information?

Charles Karellis couldn’t believe his luck. He was in desperate need of filling the marketing manager position at Widget Industries, and Rose Mancino was perfect for the job. Her enthusiasm was contagious, and her track record of marketing performance outstanding.

In addition, Mancino had the skills the position required, the potential to handle growth opportunities, and extensive experience in widgets. In fact, she was working for WI’s main competitor, Wow Widgets.

As the interview came to a close, Mancino handed Karellis a folder. It contained Wow Widgets’ 2013 marketing plan—confidential documents. Karellis took the folder, put the documents in his drawer without looking at it, and then casually brought the interview to a close.

Karellis was in a quandary. Should he take the risk and hire Mancino? Should he inform her current employer of the breach? But that wasn’t all that had Karellis flustered. As VP of marketing, his own annual marketing plan was due to WI’s CEO next week. Viewing the documents would give him valuable information to consider for finalizing WI’s marketing plan. Should he review the documents in the folder or throw them away before temptation gets the best of him?

What would you do?

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