Marketing Challenge: Betrayal, or Just Business?

Dalia Jackson was furious. When Darren Zayne left global agency Benson & Keyes to launch Aspire, she went along as his first client. Jackson, CMO of Great Gardens, knew that Zayne had incredible talent and potential, so she stayed through the ups and downs, enthusiastically tested new services and channel strategies as Aspire added them to its offerings, and helped Zayne hone many of them along the way. She shared in both the risks and rewards. And now she was listening to Great Garden CEO Chris Styler tell her that Aspire took on Garden Magic as a new client.

All she could think was how, after staying the course and supporting Zayne’s business all these years, could he take on Great Gardens’ number one competitor as a client? Certainly, the partnership benefited Great Gardens, well, greatly. Aspire’s campaigns, data strategies, and multichannel approach helped the home and garden company grow double digits year-over-year for the past seven years, as well as increased customer repurchase and retention rates.

Now Zayne would be providing his team and talent to the competition, and Jackson feared how that would impact the current partnership and service; more, she feared how it would play out in terms of Great Gardens losing ground to Garden Magic. Styler asked Jackson what she planned to do about the situation. She replied that she would look into the matter further and get back to him.

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