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Marketing analytics platform Turn partners with Millenial Media to provide mobile ads channel

Customers of the marketing analytics platform Turn will now be able to buy ads and measure their impact through mobile marketing platform Millennial Media.

A new partnership announced between the two platforms will give marketers using Turn’s analytics access to Millennial Media’s mobile advertising inventory. 

“As more and more customers seek programmatic opportunities across devices, we believe partnerships like ours offer the means and strategy for true cross-screen reach and success,” said Len Ostroff, SVP, global business development at Millennial Media. “Turn users will now be granted access to Millennial Media’s expansive mobile inventory to bring their campaigns full circle.”

Not only will Turn users be able to buy and place targeted mobile ads, they’ll also be able to measure their performance and improve future campaigns based on analytics.

“Our software gives advertisers the streamlined workflow and efficiency of one login to power all of their marketing,” said Maureen Little, SVP, business development at Turn. “This partnership with Millennial Media opens up new opportunities on MMX for our customers, and access to greater insights into how they are reaching their target audiences with relevant messages across devices.”

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