Marketers, nonprofits form climate action alliance

Ten Fortune 500 companies have joined Environmental Defense and other environmental organizations to form the United States Climate Action Partnership.

The organization aims to endorse mandatory limits on America’s global warming pollution, calling on the federal government to quickly pass strong legislation.

Corporations involved include Aloca, BP America, Caterpillar, Duke Energy, DuPont, Florida Power and Light, General Electric, Lehman Brothers, Pacific Gas & Electric and PNM Resources.

The companies have joined Environmental Defense, the World Resources Institute, Pew Center on Global Climate Change and Natural Resources Defense Council.

The partners pledged to work together to support six recommendations for national action.

US-CAP wants the federal government to account for the global dimensions of climate change and become more involved in international agreements to fight global warming.

The alliance also asks that they recognize the importance of technology and the cost-effective deployment of existing energy efficient technology should be a priority.

Establishing a mandatory cap on emissions is another issue on the agenda.

The new organization aims to create economic opportunity and advantage through a climate protection program that must use the power of the market to establish clear targets and timeframes.

Global warming solutions also account for the disproportionate impact of global warming and emission reductions on some economic sectors, geographic regions and income groups. The alliance wants the federal government to be fair in these areas.

Lastly, US-CAP is encouraging early action prior to the effective date of mandatory pollution limits. It asks that every reasonable effort be made to reduce emissions.

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