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Marketers expect increase in ad revenue this year: Datran Media

After enduring a difficult recession, marketers are expecting improved ad revenues this year, according to a survey by digital marketing firm Datran Media.

The company’s fourth annual survey, which examined the marketing and budget priorities of digital marketers, found that 73.6% of respondents believe advertising revenues will increase in 2010.

“There is a lot more talk about the results of digital these days, and more things are being considered digital,” said Lana McGilvray, VP of marketing at Datran Media. “Also after declines, it is natural for people to be optimistic.”

As the economy rebounds, marketers are spending more money on online channels, which are both cost effective and measurable, according to the study. The survey found that 93.6% of respondents will increase their budget for digital marketing channels, and 72.8% use audience measurement and analytics tools to assess the success of their digital efforts. In addition, more than 50% have launched optimized campaigns based on audience measurement analytics, and more than 80% plan will do so this year.

Interest in online video, mobile and other emerging channels has significantly increased over the last year, with 67.2% of respondents planning to use video and 54.4% planning mobile efforts this year. In addition, 72.3% have a company Facebook page and 72% have a corporate Twitter account. However, markers aren’t sure how to measure social media, with 37.6% of respondents expressing uncertainty if social media marketing results will be quantifiable by the end of this year.

“Folks are intensely interested in measurement, performance and emerging channels, and the big question is how to best measure and monetize these channels,” added McGilvray. “We’re going to see the industry respond with better solutions for doing that.”

Most respondents also picked clicks (72%), conversions (59.2%) and impressions (58.4%) as the three most important measurement categories. The study also found that 87.2% of respondents said accurate online audience measurement is important for driving increased brand awareness, revenue and better campaign performance.

“Important metrics should be determined based on the goals of the campaign,” McGilvray said.

This survey, conducted with the Direct Marketing Association Email Experience Council and other media partners, surveyed more than 5,000 marketing executives last December.

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