Marketers Aren’t Too Cool for the Ice Bucket Challenge

Videos of people participating in the ALS Association’s Ice Bucket Challenge continue to inundate the Web in what is easily the most viral craze since 2013’s Harlem Shake. The viral sensation is showing no signs of stopping either. The ALS Association reported yesterday that donations have reached $94.3 million since July 29.

Participants run the gamut from celebrities, to politicians, to moguls. Even Direct Marketing News Editor-in-Chief Ginger Conlon has participated in the challenge. Naturally, swaths of marketers are accepting the challenge, as well.

Here are just a few examples of marketing executives dousing themselves in freezing water, helping further a worthy cause while have a bit of fun.

After being challenge by SHIFT Communications VP of strategy Scott Monty, Crown Companies founder Jeremiah Owyang took the challenge, and even compiled a ton of Ice Bucket Challenge data into a slide show.

Rick Erwin,  president of consumer Insights and targeting at Experian Marketing Services accepted the challenge from Turn CEO Bill Demas.


Marketo CEO Phil Fernandez accepted the challenge last week, and even challenge competitors Larry Ellison of Oracle and Marc Benioff of Salesforce.

The Salesforce Halifax office took the challenge en masse.

Marty St. George, SVP of marketing and commercial at JetBlue Airways, completed the challenge while on vacation in honor of a late friend. St. George passed the challenged on to competitors at American Airlines, Delta, and Southwest Aitlines.

Don Peppers, founding partner at Peppers & Rogers Group, accepted the challenge from Direct Marketing News Editor-in-Chief Ginger Conlon.

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