Marketers Agree That Data’s Role Is Blooming [Infographic]

2015 promises to be a year in which marketers tap into data’s budding potential more than ever before. According to new data from Web presence management company Conductor, 76% of B2B, B2C, and agency marketing executives agree that digital performance data has had more or much more of an impact on their decision making in the last 12 months.

One area of marketing where the need for data is growing like a weed is content. This is especially true when it comes to determining what kind of content marketers should produce. According to Conductor, 85% of agency marketing executives say researching customers’ needs before creating content is very important; 76% of B2B marketing executives and 36% of B2C marketing executives feel the same way. In addition to using data to decipher what kind of content they should produce, marketers can leverage customer information to create content specifically for each phase of the purchase process and drive relevancy. When creating content, 72% of marketing executives position products differently for each audience, according to Conductor, and 19% intend to do the same in the next six months.    

However, failure to manage Big Data can wilt marketers’ aspirations for more targeted content.  That’s why many organizations rely on technology to help make sense of their garden of information. Sixty-five percent of marketing executives intend to grow their marketing technology spend in the coming year, according to Conductor’s data; about one quarter of respondents (26%) plan on spending the same amount.

But perhaps the biggest secret to data-driven marketing success is planting the seed throughout the entire organization. In fact, according to a previous Conductor survey, 90% of digital marketers agree that interdepartmental support is important or very important to brands’ digital marketing success.

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