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Marketer of the Year, Winner: Blake Cahill of Royal Philips

Blake Cahill, Global Head of Digital & Social Marketing at Royal Philips, is a digital marketing superstar – an inspirational leader who builds high performing and passionate teams.

When he joined Philips in 2014, digital marketing wasn’t aligned or driving business results for the 125-year-old Dutch conglomerate. Undaunted by the challenge, Blake overhauled and transformed the practice, creating what he has described as “a harmonized foundation of people, processes, technology and KPIs in our 10 business groups and 17 markets, covering 100 countries.”

A Philips representative reported that Blake and his team have increased revenue, pipeline, and efficiencies across all the company’s markets and business groups.  

“Blake is that rarest of marketing leaders – someone who understands the big picture while also being able to focus on day-to-day details,” one colleague said. “I’m not sure there’s anyone [at Philips] that Blake hasn’t met and turned into a digital evangelist. Capable of a one-liner almost as snappy as his suits, he creates an environment in which hard work, enthusiasm and enjoyment go hand in hand.”

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