Mark Miller, president, RMG Connect

Three key clients: HSBC, United States Marine Corps, FEMA –

Joined RMG Connect: 2005

How do you define the term direct marketing and how has it changed?

The biggest change has been enabling the consumer to respond to or access information on “their” demand, from any location, and to share that information with each other.  “Direct” will always be about providing a customized experience for an individual.  Today it is no longer just business to consumer, it is consumer to business, and consumer to consumer…and it happens in real time. 

What drives change in your agency?

One word answer: “Teams.” Whether it’s an individual discipline like “digital technology” gathering best practices from our offices all over the world or it’s a multi-disciplinary group addressing a previously unsolved business problem, teams drive change at RMG Connect.  My job is to keep stimulating those teams with “what if?” questions.

What was the big leap you’ve made in your agency to move your company toward the future?

When Philip Greenfield and I arrived in 2005 we couldn’t believe RMG Connect North America didn’t have world class data and analytics capabilities.  We both come from backgrounds where data and digital are inseparable and real differentiators.  Since we arrived, we have been investing in a data, analytics, and digital technology hub, which now numbers over 60 people, and have pushed it out to all our North American offices and accounts.

What does the agency of the future look like?

It is already in progress, but the transition isn’t complete.  The agency of the future’s purpose will not be to send messages to consumers.  In the future, we will enable consumers to experience anything they wish “sponsored” by the enabling company. We still believe digital technology (in all forms) and data will be essential to enabling consumers to customize their own experiences.


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