**MAPS, Yesmail Agree to Opt In Standards

In an anticlimactic ending to what just recently looked like a serious legal battle, Mail Abuse Prevention System and yesmail.com yesterday reached an agreement on a new standard for double opt-in permission among yesmail's current and future subscribers.

In the announcement, yesmail said it has affirmed its commitment to double opt-in permission as its standard for sending promotions, offers and advertisements via e-mail to its subscribers. Yesmail also said it reached an agreement with MAPS on a transition policy for its existing customers.

The two did not provide any details regarding a time frame for yesmail to convert to 100-percent double opt in. Nor did the two address if and how current customers might be grandfathered into the new standard. Anthony Priore, senior vice president of marketing at yesmail, Chicago, said those details have been worked out but that he could not divulge them.

Officials at MAPS, Redwood City, CA, did not return a phone call seeking additional comment. In a prepared statement, MAPS managing member Paul Vixie said the policies that yesmail has agreed to institute make the company ineligible for listing on its Realtime Blackhole List of alleged spammers.

“Our organizations are now in alignment regarding appropriate best practices,” Vixie said. “We expect yesmail.com's adoption of this protocol to be a catalyst for other e-mail marketers to comply with this standard.”

It was only two weeks ago when both yesmail and MAPS issued tough warnings about their willingness to play out a legal challenge to the RBL. Last week, however, the bravado changed to caution as both sides issued a memorandum of understanding and stated their desire to reach an out of court agreement.

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