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**MAPS Wins One Against Media3 Technologies

Mail Abuse Prevention System LLC, Redwood City, CA, the anti-spam organization, said yesterday that it would continue to list the IP addresses of Web-hosting company Media3 Technologies LLC in its Realtime Blackhole List.

MAPS said U.S. District Court in Boston denied Media3's request for a preliminary injunction on grounds that it “had not demonstrated a sufficient likelihood of succeeding on the merits of the suit.” The court also ruled that Media3 failed to show it “would suffer irreparable injury” if its IP addresses continue to be listed in MAPS' RBL, a list of alleged spammers.

Anne P. Mitchell, MAPS' director of public and legal affairs, called the court's decision “highly satisfactory” and said it maintains the status quo by allowing MAPS to continue listing Media3's servers.

“The ruling also indicates that the judge understands the circumstances surrounding the dispute and how it attained its present status,” she said.

No one from Media3 was available to comment.

In mid-December, a judge denied a request by Media3, Pembroke, MA, to have nearly 1,500 of its IP addresses removed from the MAPS RBL. The court did, however, bar MAPS from adding any additional Media3 IP addresses to its RBL.

MAPS' RBL is a real-time database containing the addresses of Internet sites that it has determined allow their users to send spam directly or to profit from its delivery.

The company said its dispute with Media3 arose after the company refused to require its customers to stop advertising their Web sites by sending large amounts of unsolicited e-mail. The messages advertised sites hosted by Media3.

MAPS said it has been listing Media3's IP addresses since June last year.

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